Madmapper 1.7 Nuevas utilidades

The GarageCube team  & 1024 Architecture is  proud to bring you this new version of MadMapperNew Features

  • Added Groups to organise surfaces & fixtures
  • New “Mad” Lines!!
  • Added DMX Line
  • Added soft-edge on quad Surfaces (read the tutorial)
  • Added Leap Motion controller support
  • Added “Disable Leap motion support” option in Preferences / Misc (so that another application can use it)
  • Take advantage of the new audio controller
  • Added audio input level slider in master tab
  • Added blend mode subtract
  • Added OSC Color single channel (RGBA) compatible with vezér
  • Added OSC Flag
  • Added “controls” to trigger previous/next media per type (Previous/Next image, previous/next movie…)
  • Added the possibility to transform multiple surfaces at the same time
  • Added a setting in the preferences/misc to be able to export the input or the output without the surface names

dmxLines2 Softedge1 audio-controlIMPROVEMENTS

  • Main projector automatically selects the first external screen if not assigned manually
    Restore last selected tab when opening preferences dialog
  • Optimization: removed vertical sync on previews
  • When resizing a projector, keep top left corner in place (like when resizing stage)
  • Simplified Import media dialog (Removed media filters)
  • Surface Manipulation improved by moving the rotation, scale and other handles out of the surface
  • Store “recent files” list not only when leaving the application
  • When copy/paste several surfaces/fixtures, duplicated items were in the reversed order
  • Number of Quartz parameter controls can be changed with setting quartzParameterNodeCount (i.e. “defaults write com.garagecube.MadMapper 40”)


You can download the Full release note, including new features, Additions, Modifications and Fixes on the following page and also on the yourspace page from this address:

The update is free for all currently registered users and can be downloaded using their serial number by accessing the ‘yourspace’ page.

MadMapper can be purchased from our online shop.
The basic license, for one User and two computers is €299.
Educational prices are available upon request by contacting us at sales[at]

A discount price for Modul8 is available to owners of MadMapper via the yourspace page.