G.O.D. Garden Of Delights, an interactive installation by Maite Cajaraville

On february 17th -18th (2012), this installation was showed at Matadero
Madrid under AFTER ARCO program: GOD, Garden of Delights, a visual
performance where the audience is invited to participate.

Based on the homonimous painting from the master Hieronymous Bosch,
Garden of Delights, where the characters will be replaced by the
asistant public.

Made it possible and supported by Escuela Universitaria EXITAE depending of Universidad Camilo José Cela.

Maite Cajaraville (Spain) – maitecajaraville.org

With a focus on interdisciplinary art, video creation and digital art,
Cajaraville has exhibited wildly internationally. Selected exhibitions
include BerlinFest, Kunstverein de Frankfurt, Venice Biennale, Sónar and
Centro de Arte Reina Sofí­a. Her video works has been shown in cultural
TV programs, such as Metrópolis, La Mandrágora, Antiestático, Miradas.
She receives commission for her work «Body and Sexuality» from the Film
Museum in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and “Mediarama”, Art and New
Technologies festival.