The MadMapper provides a simple and easy tool for mapping projections. It removes a lot of the confusion related to this medium, effectively demystifying the process, allowing you, the artist or designer to focus on creating your content, and making the experience of mapping textures to physical objects in real time, fun.

MadMapper is built around the idea of sharing video content between applications. To accomplish this task, MadMapper uses a Mac OS X based framework called Syphon. Any application that can send its output the Syphon server, the video is automatically available to MadMapper for perspective transformations and warping.

There is an ever-growing list of software supporting the Syphon framework, such as:

Quartz Composer
MaxMsp / Jitter
Processing (soon)
Resolume via FreeframeGL
Isadora via Matthew Haber  ́s Actor

The approach that one should assume with MadMapper is that it is extracting elements from a source, generally referred to as the input.
This input can be any material you import into MadMapper, such as an image, QuickTime movie or Syphon input. These extracted elements are called surfaces that consist of multiple geometric primitives, such as a quad, a triangle or a grid. These surfaces can then be transformed and arranged as desired within the video canvas called “the stage.”

– Unlimited amount of mapped elements
– Quads, triangles and masks elements (more to come)
– Grid Warping (up to 30 by 30 subdivisions)
– Unlimited undo levels
– Multiple selection of elements
– Named selection sets
– Save and Load configurations
– Opacity and Blending modes for each element
– Flipping options
– Master opacity to blackout the whole projection
– Display of Images, Quicktime movies or Syphon inputs
– Export as SVG / PNG / PDF
– Spacial Scanner to turn your video-projector into a 2d scanner

1024 architecture